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NorCal gardeners know good garden Soil is worth its weight in Gold. Vina Gold is a Ultra-premium garden soil, high intensity container blend, replacement for expensive low-quality bagged soils, all natural plant amendment for pre-established plants, mid-season top-dress, or a great way to liven up last year’s tired soil.

Ingredients: Long-fibered sphagnum peat moss, composted forest humus, premium garden humus, worm castings, mendo peat, mushroom compost, rice hulls, poultry litter, #1 Vina loam, bio char, oyster shell, humic acid, all-natural horticultural pumice stone, KNTS’s proprietary blend of micro, macro fertilizers, beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, and we apply Biologically Active Compost Tea to every batch to fire to get things rocking.

Truck Load (20 Yards): $98 /yard
Truck & Trailer (40 yards): $96 /yard