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Tips for effective fertilizing

Here are some of our best tips to make sure that fertilizing performs great:

• Always Add Water. Never fertilize dry soil! Always dampen the ground for a few minutes before adding, then thoroughly soak the soil afterward.
• Powder or Granular Formula? For an established plant, consider a granular formula as it can be sprinkled on top. For a new plant, consider a powder formula and blend in with the native soil early on.
• Consider a Compost Tea. When growing organics, be sure to use a compost tea or microbial inoculant alongside your fertilizer to encourage bacteria and fungi to break down nutrients for the plants.
• Most landscape plants will benefit from a refresh of fertilizer every two to three months for the first five years of their lives.
• Start a strong fertilizer program early: don’t wait until the plants are completely depleted or your plants will look sick.
• Similarly, don’t add too much fertilizer to a stressed, sick, or under-watered plant.
• Can I Mix Fertilizers? Yes! A key benefit to mixing fertilizers is the ability to customize the fertilizers’ NPK ratios (see sidebar) to specific plant needs. For example, if you wanted to increase the phosphorus percentage in the All Seasons 5-5-5, you could blend it with the Bloom Instigator. To increase micronutrient content, you could blend the Micro-Manager with any of the blends.
• Give It a Rinse. Be sure to wash any fertilizer dust or granules off the surface of the leaves. This ensures the plant can access the sun for photosynthesis and the nutrients in the fertilizer won’t burn the plant.