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What is a Fertilizer Grade?

Sometimes known as the NPK ratio, the fertilizer grade is what’s referred to by the numbers in the names of most fertilizers. You’ll see this in KNTS fertilizers like “All Seasons 5-5-5.” These three numbers are the minimum percentages, by weight, of the three most important nutrients in the soil: Total Nitrogen (N), Available Phosphate(P), and Soluble Potash(K). For All Seasons 5-5-5, it means that there is 5% Total Nitrogen, 5% Available Phosphate, and 5% Soluble Potash in every bag of fertilizer you buy, no matter the size.
Nitrogen: Nitrogen is king among nutrients and important for plant growth at every stage. It promotes green, leafy growth and high nutritional value. It also helps form the protein of the plant. If your plant is yellowing overall, it needs more nitrogen!
Phosphorus: A root’s best friend, phosphorus is important for root development and flower growth. This nutrient also helps to transfer energy throughout the plant through processes like photosynthesis.
Potassium: If your plant is stressed due to factors like sun or wind, it probably needs more potassium. Sometimes known as “potash,” this nutrient regulates metabolism and water pressure throughout the plant. It also helps prevent disease and increase yield and quality.