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Stutzman Farms Sup’r Green

Stutzman Farms Sup’r Green is 100% OMRI certified organic poultry litter. Straight from the chicken, composted and ready to make your plant thrive. This product is guaranteed weed free, and since is well composted it will not burn plants. More nutrient dense than cow manure so you will have to use less to get amazing results. Stutzman Farms Sup’r Green makes a great soil amendment, or as a top dress for garden and landscape plants. Remember to water well after application, and whistle while you work!!
$4.50 25 lbs/approximately 1 cuft

Vital Earth Baseline Granular Humus
A highly broke down compost from fresh lake diatoms. A must have for Compost tea, top-dressto help plant better digest nutrients, and revive soil.