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How to plant a lawn from seed

When to Seed?

After the preparation steps have been completed.
• Apply seed in Spring when soil temperature reaches 15°C (60°F) – Ideally mid May to mid June
• Best time for maximum germination is late August to mid September when soil is warm and the nights are cool. Late March to June is also a great time.
• If you have spread grass seed in the early spring, it will not germinate until the soil temperature reaches about 15°C (about 59°F).

Applying Seed
• Apply at rate listed on grass seed bag, or Kinney Nursery can recommend the application rate for your seed type.
• For small areas apply seed by hand.
• For larger areas use a fertilizer spreader, apply in two passes using half the rate of seed, use a low spreader setting. You should see approximately 2-3 seeds in a square inch (approximately 2.5 x 2.5 cm).
• Using an empty lawn roller to press the seed in to the soil or raking lightly with a leaf rake.
• Grass seed needs soil contact to germinate and should be covered by no more than 7mm (¼”) of soil. (If the seed is buried any deeper than this, it will have trouble emerging from the soil.) Burying the seed is a common reason for poor lawn establishment.
• After the lawn seed is spread cover it lightly with a loose organic matter like ¼-o bark, dry loose potting soil, or peat moss.

Next Steps
• During the first few weeks, keep as much traffic off the seedbed as possible. The tender, emerging shoots of grass will not withstand much wear and tear.
• Once the grass has grown up to 3-4 inches (8-10 cm), you can begin mowing it. This should be after about 4 weeks of growth.
• If you need to apply weed control wait until at least 6 weeks after seeding.
• After 6 weeks fertilize with a premium slow release lawn fertilizer. Kinney Nursery has a wide selection of quality fertilizers to choose from.
• If you have a few patches that aren’t as thick as the rest, they may not have received enough seed. Don’t be afraid to overseed these areas. The longer they stay bare, the more likely that weeds will encroach onto your lawn.
• Keep it green year around: Kinney Nursery carries a large selection of lawn fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides to keep your sod looking great for years to come. We also carry organic lawn and pest’s products for those who prefer the natural approach.